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Sun Basket Review: Is This Healthy & Organic Meal Delivery Service Tasty Too?

Going through all the research, notes, photos, and our old YouTube reviews for this updated review, I remembered that Sun Basket was one of the first meal kits we ever tried back in 2017. Since then we’ve literally tried hundreds of other boxes. But even…

Meet The Team

Dan Scalco

Hi I'm Dan! I'm the guy behind the camera in all our videos. I also research and put together all of the reviews on this site. My favorite boxes include Sun Basket meal kit, Rastelli's meat delivery, and Factor_ premade meals.

Emily Brewster

Hey, I'm Emily! You'll recognize me from the Food Box HQ YouTube channel. I'm the one who unboxes, cooks, and taste tests all the food :). My favorite boxes include Home Chef meal kit and CookUnity premade meals.


Woof! I'm Hank. You've probably seen me beggin' for food in the videos. When I'm good, my humans give me some of their foods. My favorite boxes include Ollie and Spot & Tango.

Our Review Process

While we like to have fun with all the different food boxes on this site (as you’ll see in our YouTube videos), we also like to be super thorough in our reviews. Below is an overview of the review process we go through. You can read more about it here.

1. Preliminary Research

An in-depth evaluation of the food box brand, key benefits, and what makes it stand out.

2. Unboxing & Taste Test

Filmed unboxing and taste test to give you a true idea of what to expect before taking your first bite.

3. Compare

Are there any similar food boxes or competing brands? If so, are they better and how do they stack up?

4. Final Review

We take everything we've learned and write up our complete review for this site. We also include coupons!