Daily Harvest Coupon: Save Big On Your Next Order With This Promo Code

Daily Harvest is a smoothie subscription service that was founded by Rachel Drori, a mom from New York who wanted quick, tasty, and healthy smoothies. Because she had a busy schedule, she wasn’t able to gather all of the fruit needed, blend it, throw away the peels, pour it into a cup, drink it, and put away any extra. It was too much to do so she came up with a simple solution — fun and delicious frozen smoothies delivered right to your door.

Daily Harvest has been a smash hit since it started and has gotten big investors, such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Serena Williams. All this buzz has left newcomers wondering, “Does Daily Harvest have any coupons or promo codes?”

You’re in luck…

Daily Harvest Coupon

We spoke to a Daily Harvest representative to make sure that we got our readers one of the best coupons available on the internet.

Click here to use coupon code “FOODBOXHQ3FREE” for 3 free smoothies added to your basket.

As someone who absolutely adores Daily Harvest, I highly recommend you take advantage of this coupon code.

Our Daily Harvest Experience


As you can see above and in our review here, we had a fun time reviewing Daily Harvest. This smoothie subscription service stood out for being one of the most unique food delivery services we’ve ever tried. Some of the smoothies that they offer I have never heard of in my life, yet I ended up loving.

Even if you’re not interested in trying a Daily Harvest smoothie, you should check out some of the cool recipes they have.

Daily Harvest Benefits

There are a lot of benefits to trying Daily Harvest. First, and most obvious, is the fact that smoothies are healthy. Whenever I drank my Daily Harvest smoothie, I felt like I had 10x more energy throughout the day. It was probably all the vitamins and nutrients going to work.

The second benefit is that it saved me a lot of time, especially in the morning. I’ve never been a morning person, so the more I can sleep and not be rushed after I wake up, the better I feel all day.

If you’re like me and want to save some time while eating better and feeling great, Daily Harvest could be a great option!

If you have any questions regarding Daily Harvest, our review, or using the coupon, please feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll respond as quickly as we can.

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As someone who is considered an "average" cook, I have looked far and wide for meal delivery services that will help save me time and money while still ending up with a tasty meal. In my quest, I have tested and reviewed tons of different food delivery services. I am using this site to share all of my findings with you!

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  • Daily Harvest has saved me so much time in the morning!! Thank heaven for these smoothies. My kids love them too. Finally able to get them eating healthy foods in the morning instead of sugar packed cereals.

  • One of the only coupon codes that ACTUALLY works. Thank you! I don’t know why there are so many coupon code sites out there with fake or old promotions. Like can you please not waste my time with that??? So thank you for having up to date codes! I am really looking forward to trying this service. My sister has them delivered to her house and she said it makes her mornings much easier.

  • Thank you for actually saving me money. I went to a few of those other promo code sites to try to use their coupons but when I went to checkout and use it, I was denied. It would say that the coupon was expired. Finally stumbled on to your page and found one that works. I’m excited to try this service. My nutritionist friend turned me onto it. She said it was easy to make these smoothie instead of having to go around the grocery store picking up random fruits & veggies.