Plated Coupon Code: Save 50% Trying This Popular Meal Delivery Service

Plated is one of the more popular meal delivery services around. This is thanks to the big boost in good PR is got from appearing on the hit ABC show, Shark Tank.

What makes Plated such a popular option is that their menu is designed around your preference. After signing up, you’re given a special “food quiz” that helps Plated understand what your preferences are (e.g. meat type, food allergies, and vegetable options).

Regardless of whether you’re cooking for one, two, or a whole family, Plated has you covered. Their food variety and simple (yet scrumptious) recipes are fun and delicious.

Plated Coupon Code

If you’re looking to save some money on your Plated order, you’ve come to the right place! Just like you, we wanted to “test the waters” with Plated before diving in and paying full price for our subscription.

Here is the most recent Plated promo code available:

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This coupon code is, most likely, the best one you’ll find. Why? When clicked and activated, it will give you 50% off!

Our Plated Experience

If you haven’t read our comprehensive review of Plated by now, I definitely recommend you do. In it we provide an overview of the entire Plated experience, from ordering and delivery all the way to cooking and taste.

Here are a couple points we covered in our Plated review to consider before putting that coupon to use…

  • Plated offered some of the most unique meals of any of the meal delivery services that we’ve tried (and we’ve tried a lot).
  • Their desert options were pretty amazing—tons of variety.
  • If you go on vacation or need a break from Plated, they make it easy to skip a week.
  • Like Hello Fresh and Blue Apron, Plated has made their packaging recyclable. This is a big plus since they ship a lot of food boxes every month.
  • Their meat is 100% antibiotic-free with no added hormones.

Why Go With Plated?

I would consider Plated to be one of the “big 5” meal delivery services (e.g. Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Home Chef, Sun Basket, and Plated). They didn’t just get to this position by a lot of advertising, it’s due to the easy-to-use website interface, delicious meals, and great customer service.

I definitely recommend using that promo code to try Plated and see what you think. They have tons of variety so there’s a really good chance you’ll find something you love. Even if you don’t see things you’ve had before, step outside your comfort zone and give it a try anyway!

If you’ve tried Plated before, let me know what you thought of it in the comments below.

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