Sun Basket Promo Code: Get Up To 50% Off Your Next Meal

Sun Basket is not as well known as some of the big meal subscription services like Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, or Plated but that doesn’t mean they aren’t as good or better.

Like a lot of the other meal delivery services around, Sun Basket delivers fresh ingredients and fun recipes. However, Sun Basket takes it a step further by offering very specific meal plans. For example they offer Paleo, Lean & Clean, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, and Family options. You won’t find that much meal variety using Hello Fresh or even Blue Apron!

Sun Basket was founded by Chef Justine Kelly. Not only has she appeared on Iron Chef America (one of the top food shows in the world) but she also worked at a James Beard award–winning restaurant called The Slanted Door.

What I like most about Sun Basket is their initiative to give back to people. Every single week, they donate around 1000 pounds of food to Second Harvest Food Bank, the New Jersey Agricultural Society Farmers Against Hunger, and Hope Food Pantry of Monroe County.

Sun Basket Coupons

Even though Sun Basket meals aren’t super expensive, you may be looking to save a little money on your purchase. There’s no shame in that! To help you out, I’ve found the best Sun Basket promo codes around…

*Click to activate each qualifying promotion.

These are the best qualifying discounts available at this time. They may expire so act fast!

Sun Basket Free Trial

One question I’m asked a lot is “Does Sun Basket offer a free trial?” Unfortunately they do not offer a 100% free trial. However, by utilizing one of the coupons above, you’ll be able to save a lot of money when trying it out. Also, there is no long-term commitment so you’re able to cancel your Sun Basket subscription any time.

Our Sun Basket Experience

A lot of meal delivery services are the same but Sun Basket was really unique. Not only did we have a lot of fun cooking it but the meal was unique and delicious.

Here are some of the highlights of our Sun Basket experience

  • When choosing our meals there was tons of variety. In fact, a lot of the meals they offered when we were choosing I had never even heard of before. This made me a little apprehensive at first but they all turned out to be delicious.
  • Our first box was delivered incredibly fast and everything inside stayed cold while being delivered.
  • Cooking the meal was quick and easy. There was virtually no cleanup needed after we finished.
  • As mentioned before, each meal was scrumptious. We devoured each one made in a matter of minutes!

Why Try Sun Basket?

If you’re still researching meal delivery services, you’re probably wondering why you should go with Sun Basket over any of the other service out there. It’s a fair question and one that we wondered too.

The biggest positive difference between Sun Basket and some of the other big meal delivery companies out there is food preferences. If you’re looking for an organic meal delivery service that also offers paleo, gluten-free, and a variety of other niche meal plans, I definitely recommend Sun Basket. With the coupon codes on this page, it makes it incredibly inexpensive to try out. As mentioned above, you don’t have to worry about getting charged for cancelling Sun Basket if you don’t want to use it any more. There is no penalty or fee for cancelling.

Have you tried Sun Basket or do you know of any better coupons/promos available? If so, leave a comment below!

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  • Out of all of the meal delivery services, I enjoy sun basket the most. The one thing they do that is a game changer is all meals are organic. I’m surprised they aren’t more popular than the other big ones out there. They also sometimes have great deals and promotions.

  • Do they offer any type of free trial? I have looked at a few different specialty meal kits since I am interested in trying a gluten free meal plan. I’ve been unable to find any truly “free” promo codes. I have contacted their customer support team through email but I have not heard back yet. Thank you for your help with this!

    • Hey Agatha! Sun Basket doesn’t necessarily offer any free or complimentary “trials” of their meal kit. However, they have a pretty good deal for first-time customers. There’s a promo code link on this post where they’ll give new customers $35 off. That’s around the cost of the first box so it’s almost like you’re getting the first box for free. They also make canceling relatively easy so there’s no need to worry about being locked into a plan for a long time.

  • Are there any bigger coupons for this service? We want to try but I am between choosing green chef, sun basket, and blue apron. Bigger coupons are always appreciated!