Terra’s Kitchen Coupon: Save Up To $75 On Your Next Order

While on the surface it looks like Terra’s Kitchen is the same as every other meal delivery service around, it’s not. In fact, it may be the most advanced meal kit delivery service around.

All of the meals that Terra’s Kitchen offers its customers are based on the principles of the Mediterranean lifestyle. This diet emphasizes plant-based foods, such as fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes and nuts. It also swaps out red meat for leaner proteins such as chicken and fish.

There are a lot of benefits of going with a Mediterranean diet: reduced inflammation, weight loss, and improved heart health.

Terra’s Kitchen Coupon Code

If you’re on this page, you’re probably looking for a coupon code to use for your next Terra’s Kitchen purchase. I’m all for saving money! That’s why I’ve collected the best coupon and promo codes exclusively for Food Box HQ readers. Just click the link below to activate the coupon you wish to use…

  • Take $30 off your first Terra’s Kitchen order with coupon code “TK30”.
  • Take $35 off your first Terra’s Kitchen order with coupon code “TK35” (obviously this is the better choice over the first promo mentioned).
  • Take $75 off your first Terra’s Kitchen order with coupon code “TK5W”. Some people report that this coupon code is not working anymore but it is worth a try!

Claiming these coupons are as simple as could be. All you need to do is click on the coupon you wish to claim and it will be automatically deducted from your cart at checkout. If it doesn’t automatically deduct from your cart, enter the coupon code at checkout.

Our Terra’s Kitchen Experience

When we reviewed Terra’s Kitchen, it radically changed our perspective on what a meal delivery service could be. Not only were the meals exquisite, they were also healthy! Here are some of the highlights of our Terra’s Kitchen experience…

  • The package our ingredients were delivered in was incredible. All of the ingredients are stored in their own high-quality container that allows for you to pull them out when needed. Also, the package doesn’t get thrown out (which creates more waste) it is returned and cleaned so it can be used again. This may sound simple but it is genius. By returning the package you’re reducing the amount of garbage that gets thrown into landfills and ends up in the ocean.
  • The meals were very simple to prepare. Each one had a very thorough recipe card, which detailed every step needed to cook it properly.
  • The food was delicious and healthy!

Overall, I was really pleased with our Terra’s Kitchen meal. Although it isn’t as popular as some of the big meal delivery kits, I have to say that it was just as good food and even better in other regards (such as packaging).

Why Try Terra’s Kitchen?

If you’re looking to incorporate healthy and tasty meals into your diet, Terra’s Kitchen is one of the best meal kits for you. Because it’s based on the Mediterranean diet, the meals don’t starve you but still promote healthy weight loss.

We ended up keeping a few of the recipe cards so that we could make them in the future—they were that good!

Also, if you’re an environmentalist, Terra’s Kitchen is the only meal subscription service I know of that takes the packaging back so that it can be reused. This is even better than recycling because it keeps the packaging from ever going to a landfill or recycling center in the first place.

If you do choose to try Terra’s Kitchen, use one of the coupon codes above to save some extra money. You don’t have to worry about being charged for canceling your order either—there’s no cancellation fee.

Have you tried Terra’s Kitchen before? Do you have a better coupon or promo code than the ones mentioned above? Please leave a comment below!

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