With Father’s Day right around the corner, you’re running out of time to find dad that special something to show him just how much you care. Luckily, we’re going to make the task a little easier for you by sharing some of the best Father’s Day food and gift baskets you can purchase.

Whether he’s someone who doesn’t miss his morning coffee, loves to kick back with a drink, or enjoys hitting the putting green, you’re sure to find something that will put a smile on dad’s face.

Coffee Lovers

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Is your dad someone who can’t start his day without a cup of coffee? If so, he certainly isn’t alone! This Father’s Day why not give him something that will help him get every day off to a great start? These gift baskets contain all kinds of coffee goodies for drinking and snacking:

  • Coffee Connoisseur Gourmet Food Gift Basket: If your dad loves coffee and all things coffee-flavored, you’ll want to add this basket to your shopping cart ASAP. It comes with an assortment of premium flavored coffees, espresso candies, Italian chocolate raspberry espresso cake, cafe cookies, and so much more. He can enjoy a cup of java and satisfy his sweet tooth at the same time.
  • Coffee, Cappuccino & Latte Lovers Snacks Gift Tote: How would your dad like to enjoy some premium coffee, latte mix, or cappuccino? If he’s a coffee-lover, chances are he does. Well, he can get all three with this delightful gift basket. It’s packed to the brim with Tiramisu Filled Pastry Cookies, Bali’s Best Latte Coffee Candy, and Chocolate Dipped Almond Hazelnut Biscotti.


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For the dad who enjoys spending time outside, Man Crates has a few options you’ll want to check out. These gift sets have everything he could possibly need for a day outside the house, whether it’s a high-quality axe for chopping wood, an outdoor survival kit for when the apocalypse hits, or simply essentials for a day of fishing.

  • Personalized Camp Axe Crate: For the tough dad who has some chopping to do, he’ll appreciate the contents of this crate. It contains the Good Clean Fun book, a 2 pound Hudson Bay Axe head that has a 18” curved hickory handle, and a Moteng Dual-Grit sharpening stone. This is one gift that’s sure to blow any outdoorsman out of the water.
  • Outdoor Survival Ammo Can: This gift from Man Crates has all kinds of necessities for a day out in the wilderness. It contains a waterproof and indestructible 30 cal ammo can, collapsible shovel, paracord knife with firestarter, FM21 army Army Survival Field Manual, 50 feet of paracord, an emergency survival blanket, and an emergency glow stick. Not to mentions, there are a few snacks in there too!
  • Bass Whisperer Crate: Any man who loves to fish is sure to enjoy this crate! Inside the box, he’ll be delighted to see a top-water weed Pivot Frog, Spin-R-Bait, a mid-range Warpig, a shallow-water pitfall, trusty Worm Blower, portable dial scale, and more.

Liquor Lovers

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Gin, vodka, whiskey, cigars, and more! If that sounds right up your dad’s alley, these are the gifts for him! The Bro Basket has all the goods you’ll need to make your dad’s Father’s Day incredibly special. If he enjoys kicking back with a fine alcoholic beverage in hand, check these options out:

  • The Juniper Trio Gin Sampler: Dad is going to love the snacks and booze included in this sampler. He’ll be able to munch on some gourmet popcorn and delicious chocolate covered fruit while drinking one of three bottles of gin. It comes with St. George Spirits Botanivore Gin, St. George Spirits Terroir Gin, and St. George Spirits Dry Rye Gin.
  • A World of Whiskey: If chocolate, cigars, and whiskey sound like your dad’s idea of a great time, you better hurry up and order this basket goodies. He’ll receive chocolate bars and gourmet popcorn, Nicaraguan cigars, a Spanish cedar-lined cigar case, a Triple Torch Cigar Lighter, and more. But of course, then there’s the whiskey! Dad will enjoy a bottle of Laphroaig Scotch, Suntori Toki Japanese Whisky, and Jameson Black Barrel Irish Whiskey.
  • The United Nations of Vodka: Ketel One Vodka, Tito’s American Vodka, and Ciroc Vodka fill this gift set from The Bro Basket. It also contains gourmet popcorn, pretzels, BroBasket branded rocks glasses, a can of Sprite, and a reusable tin.
  • The Chief Executive: If you’re really looking to splurge, this gift basket is sure to impress dad. It’s packed with some super high-quality stuff, which makes the hefty $459.95 price tag worth it. Inside, your dad will find: Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Covered Hazelnuts, premium whiskey stones sets, Ghirardelli chocolate bars, Brookside chocolates, a Bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label Scotch, Black Label Scotch, and Red Label Scotch. There’s also BroBasket coaster for resting your drink and everything comes in a fun, reusable BroBasket crate.

Golf Lovers

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Does your dad’s idea of a great day involve hitting the putting green? If so, why not get him something golf-themed to show him you care this Father’s Day? One of these baskets will surely put a smile on his face. And who knows? Maybe you can hit a round with him afterwards!

  • GreatArrivals Gift Baskets Golfer’s Delight: Any golf lover will be pleased to receive this gift for Father’s Day. It has a golf club cleaning gift pack (which comes with a polishing cloth, metal club cleaner, and a two-way cleaning brush and sponge), a score caddy, a terry-cloth golf towel and so much more. Plus, dad can enjoy a few snacks while he’s out in the sun like Garden Vegetable Cheese, Focaccia Crisps Tuscan Style Crackers, and some other yummy treats.
  • The Golfer’s Crate: Man Crates also has a few different options that any golf lover is sure to enjoy. This choice comes with a DivPro 6-in-1 tool, a golf towel, a sleeve of Soft & Longs, a bag of golf tees, and a Gopher head cover (from the movie Caddyshack). Plus, there’s an Arnold Palmer drink (every golfers favorite), two packs of sunflower seeds, and Caddyshack on DVD. The gopher head alone is sure to make him chuckle.
  • Office Golf Crate: Could your dad use a fun way to pass the time while he’s at work? If so, you have to get him the Office Golf Crate. It has a SKLZ Chipping Training Net, 12 Impact practice balls, a Turf Chipping Mat & Rubber Tee, Putt Pocket Training Cup, and Line M Up Ball Marking Tool. Getting through the work day will actually be fun!
  • Personalized Golf Ball Mini Crate: How about getting dad some personalized golf balls? This way, he’s sure to think of you every time he shoots for that hole in one. All you have to do is input his first, middle, and last initials and Man Crates will get them sent your way in time for Father’s Day.

Chocolate Lovers

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For the dad who can’t resist something sweet, why not get him a gift basket that’s full of delectable goodies? We’ve got something he’s sure to love! And if you’re lucky, he just might share some of these snacks with you.

  • Chocolate, Caramel and Crunch Grand Gift Basket: This lovely gift basket is packed with gourmet treats your dad will be munching on for days. There’s plain caramel corn and even caramel corn that’s been drizzled with chocolate. And we can’t forget the chocolate covered pretzels and white chocolate caramel drizzled pretzels. Is your mouth watering yet?
  • Chocolate & Sweets Gift Box by Shari’s Berries: Shari’s Berries is know for having the widest selection of berries, chocolates, and other tasty treats available on the internet. That’s what makes this box one of our favorites. If dad loves chocolate and other sweets, he’ll fall for this box once he sees it. Inside he’ll find a selection of Chocolate Marshmallow Pops, Dark Chocolate Almond Bark, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Popcorn, Dark Chocolate Covered Apricot Bites, and more. The best part is you can personalize this gift basket with one of their custom ribbons.
  • Chocolate Bliss Box™ by Shari’s Berries: This chocolate gift box is stacked to the brim with incredibly delicious treats. Not only are you getting a lot with this box, you’re getting high-quality chocolates too. It comes with a selection of Dark Chocolate Covered Apricot Bites, Cocoa Biscotti Bites, Dusted Chocolate Peanut Butter Toffee Balls, and much more.

Meat Lovers

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Okay, maybe coffee and chocolate aren’t your dad’s favorites. Perhaps he loves to snack on jerky, salami, and all that good stuff? Well, don’t you worry because there are gift basket ideas for him too! Just check out these awesome options from Man Crates:

  • Exotic Meats Crate: If your dad is someone who loves to snack on jerky, make sure you snag him this gift. It contains an assortment of jerky that he’s going to love trying. There’s jerky made from venison, wild boar, biltong beef, elk, buffalos and alligator. You’re going to be hard-pressed to find a more unique combination of jerkies anywhere else. As its name suggests, it’s perfect for anyone who dares to try some truly exotic meats.
  • Salami Bouquet: Your dad probably isn’t going to want a bouquet of flowers, so why not a bouquet of salami instead? Man Crates has created this tasty bouquet with Columbus Peppered Chub, Columbus Sopressata Chub, Columbus Calabrese Chub, Columbus Chorizo Chub, and Columbus Italian Dry Chub. It’s certainly one creative and delicious display.
  • Everest Grill Crate: For the dad who loves to grill, this gift from Man Crates has some must-have essentials. It’s a little bit of a splurge at $149.99, but you know your dad is going to love it. It includes a Himalayan Salt Plate, a 70-Recipe Salt Block Cookbook, circle kabobs, four mini thermometers, a salt block scrubber brush, a black grilling glove, foldable spatula, and a salt block holder. This salt plate is sure to take dad’s cooking to the next level and that’s a gift he’ll remember every time he uses it.

For simple but memorable gifts for dad this Father’s Day, all of these options are great ones to consider. It all depends what your dad will love and appreciate the most! Either way, he’s sure to love anything you gift him.

Have a Father’s Day gift you’d like to share or a question about one of the above? Leave your comment below!