Following a low-sodium diet can be tricky, especially since high levels of sodium are found in most of our fast-food, processed foods, and drinks.

This means that if you have to follow a low-sodium diet, you’ll more than likely have to make your meals yourself to monitor your sodium intake. Not only can this be daunting, but it’s especially difficult for people who live busy lifestyles and don’t have the time to make every meal themselves.

The good news is that there are meal delivery services available that offer low-sodium meals and even low-sodium meal plans. This can help take the pressure off of having to cook every meal.

Basic Overview Of The Low-Sodium Diet

Before we dive into our top picks for the best low-sodium meal delivery services, let’s first touch on what a low sodium diet is so we’re all on the same page.

While there is no exact number that most people follow, the University of California San Francisco states that a low-sodium diet is limiting your sodium intake to less than 2,000mg a day.

The Dietary Guidelines For Americans recommends to consume no more than 2,300 mg of sodium for the average adult, which is about a 1 tsp of salt. Here’s a good image to visualize how much that is.

Following a low-sodium diet is recommended by medical professionals for those who have high blood pressure, as well as heart and kidney conditions. This is because the kidneys are responsible for removing excess sodium from the body. When the kidneys are unable to properly do this, it causes pressure in the blood, leading to high blood pressure. This ends up becoming a vicious cycle that puts more pressure on the kidneys as well as the cardiovascular system.

The best way to eliminate excess sodium from the diet is to limit or stop eating processed foods and fast foods. Maintain a healthy diet full of whole, fresh fruits and vegetables, which have a lower sodium content than meat or dairy.

Cooking your own meals (via a meal kit) or even using a pre-made meal delivery service can be a great way to monitor sodium intake. Let’s explore some of our favorite low-sodium meal delivery options from our past experiences…

Best Low-Sodium Mediterranean Diet Meals


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ModifyHealth is a prepared meal delivery service that offers plans for both the Mediterranean Diet and Low FODMAP diet. However, every meal they offer is low in sodium.

Their approach to meal delivery is unique compared to many of the other options listed. Rather than only giving you meals, ModifyHealth offers full wellness programs which include scheduled consultations with dieticians (via phone or video chats). ModifyHealth also happens to be one of the few meal delivery services we’ve reviewed that is recommended by healthcare providers.

We’ve tested their Low FODMAP and Mediterranean diet meal plans and we’ve been thoroughly impressed that they’ve managed to keep the flavor of the meals while reducing sodium levels. In fact, they’re even listed as one of our favorite Mediterranean diet meal delivery services.

If you’re only looking for low-sodium meals, I recommend skipping their Low FODMAP plan (which is really best for those with IBS) and going with their Mediterranean diet meal plan. I found that the Mediterranean diet meals have a bit more flavor and are less restrictive with ingredients.

Types of Meals Offered: Lunch and Dinner

Average Sodium Per Meal: 435 mg

Lowest Price Per Meal: $11.75

Examples of ModifyHealth’s Low Sodium Meals:

  • Chicken and Dumpling Stew (470 mg of sodium)
  • Black-eyed Pea Gumbo (450 mg of sodium)
  • Herbed Chicken with Wild Rice & Green Beans (390 mg of sodium)
  • Kale Pesto Pasta (420 mg of sodium)

Why ModifyHealth Made The List:

  • ModifyHealth is one of the only low-sodium meal delivery services that offers guided help with dieticians.
  • They have a clinical advisory board which helps guide their meal planning.
  • In addition to being low in sodium, all of their meals are also organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO.
  • In our tests, we found that they offer decent portions sizes when compared to other pre-made meal delivery services on the market.

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Best Low-Sodium Meal Service To Eat On The Go

Splendid Spoon

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Splendid Spoon is a plant-based, pre-made meal delivery service that offers low sodium smoothies, soups, and grain/noodle bowls on their menu. Their website allows you to add the filter “lower sodium” to their menu so you can easily find the meals that work best with your diet. If you’re looking to track each meal’s sodium intake, they list their nutritional information on each meal page.

If you don’t mind cold soup or grain bowls, then you can eat your meals without even heating them up. From our experience, they’re a meal delivery service that focuses on mindful, balanced eating, so each of their meals is full of nutritious ingredients. We believe this is a great plan to choose if you’re in need of quick, low-sodium meals that are both nutritionally balanced and satisfying.

Types of Meals Offered: Breakfast, Lunch, Smoothies, Juices

Average Sodium Per Meal: 224 mg

Lowest Price Per Meal: $7.50

Examples of Splendid Spoon’s Low Sodium Meals:

  • Roasted Cauliflower Grain Bowl (270 mg of sodium)
  • Zucchini Puttanesca Soup (210 mg of sodium)
  • Red Curry Noodles (220 mg of sodium)
  • Raspberry Cacao Smoothie (90 mg of sodium)

Why Splendid Spoon Made The List:

  • Splendid Spoon works with dietitians to ensure that their low-sodium meal options are 12% of the daily value or less.
  • Their website allows you to filter which meals are low-sodium.
  • They provide nutrient-dense meals that are both non-GMO and fully plant-based.
  • Being pre-made makes their meals perfect for those who are looking for low-sodium meals they can eat on the go.
  • They’re one of the few on this list that offer smoothies, juices, and soups.

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Best For A Variety Of Low-Sodium Meals


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BistroMD is a pre-made, frozen meal delivery service that specializes in nutritionally balanced meals that are purported to promote weight loss. They have a few different plans to choose from, depending on your needs. Their heart-healthy weight loss program offers meals with 600mg of sodium or less, so if you need less sodium in your diet this would be the plan to choose. Within that plan are over 100 meals to choose from, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so you’ll still have plenty of options.

What’s unique about BistroMD is that they offer a 7-day plan, which provides you with 7 breakfast meals, 7 lunches, and 6 dinners for the week. Plus, their meals are designed by doctors, dietitians, and chefs to ensure the meals are balanced and highly nutritious. The only downside of their menu is that it doesn’t allow you to view nutrition information on each of their meals. This would be a con for those who want to calculate their sodium intake before receiving the meals.

Types of Low-Sodium Meal’s Offered: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert, Sides, Drinks, and Snacks (as an add-on)

Average Sodium Per Meal: Less than 600 mg per meal.

Lowest Price Per Meal: $9.99

Examples of BistroMD’s Low-Sodium Meals:

  • Salmon with Dill Mustard Sauce (less than 600 mg of sodium)
  • Hickory Smoked BBQ Pork with Broccoli (less than 600 mg of sodium)
  • Chicken, Rice and Cheddar Casserole (less than 600 mg of sodium)
  • Bagel Sandwich with Egg, Caramelized Onion, Mushroom, and Swiss (less than 600 mg of sodium)

Why BistroMD Made The List:

  • They offer over 100 meals to choose from that are all under 600 mg of sodium in their heart-healthy program.
  • BistroMD provides every meal for the week, except one “cheat” night where they don’t supply dinner and you can choose what you would like to eat for that night.
  • They offer health-conscious and nutritionally balanced meals that will help you lose weight in a healthy, more holistic way.
  • They have a wide selection of meal types to choose from. From our experience, we’ve had everything from traditional American favorites to fun international cuisine.

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Best Meal Kit For Low-Sodium Meals


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If you’re looking to try a meal kit that will have you preparing more adventurous low-sodium meals, then definitely check out Sunbasket. They offer a Diabetes-Friendly Meal Plan with meals that have 700mg of sodium or less. What’s more is they provide each meal’s nutritional information on their website so you can easily track your sodium levels when picking your weekly meals. You will have access to the full menu and different plans, should you wanted to try something different.

If you do switch meal plans, you’ll just want to make sure to check the sodium levels for each meal because some dishes run higher than others. For example, we’ve seen some meals outside of their Diabetes-Friendly plan with over 1000 mg of sodium. From our experience using Sunbasket here at Food Box HQ, we found it to be a great meal kit to try if you’re looking to cook your own food and try new meals. They use organic, fresh, and local produce (unless noted in your box if an organic ingredient is unavailable). All of their meat is also organic, as well as grass-fed and humanely raised without any added hormones or antibiotics.

Types of Low-Sodium Meals Offered: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Pre-made Meals, Snacks, Desserts, and Drinks

Average Sodium Per Meal: 343 mg of sodium per meal

Lowest Price Per Meal: $11.49

Examples of Sunbasket’s Low-Sodium Meals:

  • Puerto Rican Steak and Onions over Cauliflower “rice” (280 mg of sodium)
  • Spiced Pork Chops with Braised Cabbage, Apple, and Cranberries (390 mg of sodium)
  • Bucatini and Pancetta Carbonara with Romaine Salad (330 mg of sodium)
  • Egg White Bite, Broccoli, and Parmesan (240 mg of sodium)
  • Hella Berry Probiotic Smoothie (15 mg of sodium)
  • Cocoa Truffle Bar, Lavender Rose (42 mg of sodium)

Why Sunbasket Made The List:

  • Sunbasket is one of the few meal kit services that offer low-sodium meal options that are easy to find and are part of a specific meal plan (Diabetes-Friendly).
  • They provide nutritious meals that are both delicious and adventurous.
  • Sunbasket helps you expand your cooking skills by trying new techniques and using unique ingredients. You can use their meal kit to learn new low-sodium recipes and make them in the future (with or without a Sunbasket subscription).
  • They support sustainable and regenerative agriculture/farming through sourcing local, organic produce and meat.
  • Their weekly menu is full of variety (in meal and cuisine types). It also changes frequently so you can always find something new to try.

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Best Low-Sodium Option For Single Orders

Magic Kitchen

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Magic Kitchen is a frozen, pre-made meal delivery service that offers a large selection of entrees, as well as an a la carte menu where you can mix and match sides and main dishes. From our experience, we found them to be highly accommodating to a variety of dietary needs with an entire menu for low sodium meals.

With a diverse selection of meals to choose from, you’re likely to find something you’ll enjoy eating. What sets Magic Kitchen apart from other pre-made meal delivery services is that you don’t have to commit to any contracts or a set amount of meals. You can order as much or as little as you want, anytime you want, without subscribing.

Types of Low-Sodium Meals Offered: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, and Dessert

Average Sodium Per Meal: 390 mg

Lowest Price Per Meal: $9.49, average $10 for single-serving meals.

Examples of Magic Kitchen’s Low Sodium Meals:

  • Chicken Fettucine Alfredo & Broccoli (320 mg of sodium)
  • Salmon Caponata (240 mg of sodium)
  • Spinach Mushroom Lasagna with Light Pesto Sauce (580 mg of sodium)
  • Balsamic-Glazed Chicken with Roasted Potatoes & Green Beans (270 mg of sodium)
  • Crustless Spinach Quiche Twin Pack (361 mg of sodium)
  • Panna Cotta Dessert (95 mg of sodium)

Why Magic Kitchen Made The List:

  • With their low-sodium-specific menu, you can find a large selection of entrees, individual meals, side dishes, and even desserts.
  • Magic Kitchen is highly accommodating to dietary preferences and allergens so you can easily find meals to fit all of your dietary needs.
  • We found their website to be very accommodating for seniors or those who are not as tech-savvy. Not only can you place an order using their site, you can also call to place an order over the phone.
  • Their website clearly shows ingredient lists and nutritional information for each of their dishes.
  • You can purchase as much or as little as you want with no subscription or long-term commitments.
  • From our experience, we found them to be an ideal service for senior citizens with specific dietary needs and for those who have difficulty cooking for themselves.

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Best For Pre-Made Fresh Low-Sodium Meals

Fresh n Lean

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If you’re searching for a pre-made meal delivery service that sends meals that are both fresh and under 600mg of sodium, Fresh n Lean is definitely one to consider. While not every single meal is under 600 mg, the majority of their meals are, which ensures you still have plenty of dishes to choose from.

Fresh n Lean offers a few different plans to choose from, all of which average about 550 mg of sodium per meal. They specialize in creating meals for athletes, those on restrictive diets, and folks just trying to live a healthier lifestyle. This is shown through their different plans, such as Protein+, Keto, Paleo, Standard Vegan, Whole30 Approved, and Low Carb Vegan. They also offer a bulk plan, which none of the other options on this list do. It offers bulk servings of individual meats, vegetables, and grains. This is a great plan to consider if you’re trying to eat a more nutritious diet, but don’t want to take the time to prepare every meal yourself.

Types of Low-Sodium Meals Offered: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks

Average Sodium Per Meal: 550 mg

Lowest Price Per Meal: Depends on the plan you choose, $7.83 for the Standard Vegan plan.

Examples of Fresh n Lean’s Low Sodium Meals:

  • Roasted Cilantro Cream Vegetables with Chicken Thigh and Quinoa (560 mg of sodium)
  • Steak with Bearnaise Aioli, Sweet Potato, and Brown Rice (480 mg of sodium)
  • Teriyaki Shrimp Bowl with Jasmine Rice (560 mg of sodium)
  • Chipotle-Lime Broccoli with Rice and Tofu (390 mg of sodium)
  • Egg Whites with Maple Turkey Sausage (490 mg of sodium)
  • Almond Butter Cups (180 mg of sodium)

Why Fresh n Lean Made The List:

  • No matter the meal plan you choose, the majority of meals will be under 600 mg of sodium.
  • Being pre-made, we found them to be perfect for those who are trying to eat healthy while living a busy lifestyle.
  • They provide an a la carte meal plan option so you don’t have to stick to a specific plan.
  • They are highly accommodating to food intolerances/allergies and food preferences. When submitting your order you’re able to let them know any allergies you might have and any ingredients you don’t want in your meal. We found them to be one of the most customizable meal delivery services, letting you exclude a multitude of ingredients (such as mushrooms, cilantro, dairy, and more).

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Best Pre-Made Meal Service For Restrictive Low-Sodium Diets


Epicured is a pre-made meal delivery service that does an exceptional job at catering to specific dietary restrictions. All of their meals are both low FODMAP and gluten-free. They also offer digestive-friendly meals for those who have IBD, IBS, and GERD.

Their website allows you to filter your dietary preferences and nutritional needs, where you will find the option for low sodium. When you add the low sodium filter to their site, they will then show you all of the meals that have 500mg or less of sodium.

Epicured is a great choice if you need to keep your sodium amount under 500 mg per meal, and each meal comes with clear nutritional information for easy tracking. They work with dietitians, doctors, and their top chef Dani Chavez-Bello to ensure each of their meals meets their high standard of nutritional quality.

Types of Low-Sodium Meals Offered: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert, Sides, Snacks, and Smoothies.

Average Sodium Per Meal: 420 mg

Lowest Price Per Meal: $6.99

Examples of Epicured’s Low-Sodium Meals:  

  • Fish Tacos with Red Cabbage Slaw (390 mg of sodium)
  • Tofu Teriyaki Donburi (430 mg of sodium)
  • Chicken Paillard (380 mg of sodium)
  • Chicken and Rice Soup (420 mg of sodium)
  • Lemon Coconut Energy Bites (10 mg of sodium)
  • Turmeric Latte (15 mg of sodium)

Why Epicured Made The List:

  • The majority of Epicured’s low sodium meals average under 500mg of sodium.
  • Unlike the others on this list, they cater to very specific dietary restrictions and digestive issues.
  • They offer the most variety of meals out of all of the options on this list (breakfast, lunch, dinner, sides, snacks, desserts, and smoothies).
  • They’re one of the more affordable low-sodium options, with their lowest price per meal being $6.99.

Food Box HQ Note: One thing to keep in mind is that their website is slightly misleading; even with the low sodium filter saying 500mg or less, there were still some entrees with over 600 mg of sodium.

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Best Low-Sodium Meal Service Covered By Healthcare

Mom’s Meals

Mom’s Meals is a unique pre-made meal delivery service in that it is fully covered by Medicaid and Medicare Advantage health plans (depending on your benefits). For those who aren’t covered under one of these health plans, they have a self-pay option that is quite affordable. They offer ready-to-eat meals that are accommodating to specific dietary requirements, such as heart-friendly, cancer support, and low sodium. Their lower-sodium menu has meals that have 600mg of sodium or less, which you can choose when you’re completing your order.

Mom’s Meals provides a variety of traditional feel-good meals that are, from our experience, both nutritious and delicious. This is the perfect service for picky eaters or those who qualify for free meals, that are looking for nutritionally balanced meals that taste like they’re home-cooked.

Types of Low-Sodium Meals Offered: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

Average Sodium Per Meal: 500 mg

Lowest Price Per Meal: Free if fully covered under Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans, depending on benefits. Self-pay lowest price per meal is $6.99.

Examples of Mom’s Meals Low-Sodium Meals:

  • Salisbury Steak with Mushroom Gavy, White Rice, and Mixed Vegetables (500 mg of sodium)
  • Chicken with Black Pepper Sherry Sauce, Brown Rice, and Season Broccoli (440 mg of sodium)
  • Vegetable Primavera and Sweet Pineapple & Apples (370 mg of sodium)
  • Buttermilk Pancakes, Egg Patty, and Fruit Crisp (500 mg of sodium)

Why Mom’s Meals Made The List:

  • Mom’s Meals offers a specific lower sodium menu which ensures that every meal you choose will be under 600 mg of sodium.
  • We found them to be highly accommodating to dietary restrictions and those with certain health conditions.
  • They are one of the only meal delivery services that is fully covered under certain healthcare plans.
  • They are a great option for those who are looking to eat nutritiously balanced meals but don’t want to cook the meals themselves, or are unable to cook for themselves.

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Which Low-Sodium Meal Delivery Service Is Best?

Finding the right low-sodium meal delivery service that will fit your preferences, dietary restrictions, and budget can be tricky. That’s why we’ve chosen to share our top pick for the best low-sodium meal delivery service.

We came to our conclusion by evaluating quality, value, variety, and convenience. After looking at each of these factors, our top pick is Fresh n Lean. Here’s why…

  • Fresh n Lean has a wide variety of dishes under 600 mg of sodium, in fact, they try to keep their entire menu under 600 mg of sodium. The average sodium content in meals from most of their meal plans is 550 mg.
  • They offer a multitude of different plans, diet accommodations, and meal types. This gives you the opportunity to try new foods as well as new diets, all of which fall within low-sodium standards.
  • From our experience, we can tell that they value quality. Meals are fresh, organic, and nutritionally balanced. Their food safety initiatives are also some of the best we’ve seen.
  • They’re one of the most customizable meal delivery services we’ve reviewed, allowing you to exclude specific ingredients and allergens.

What To Consider When Choosing A Low-Sodium Meal Delivery Service

While Fresh n Lean may be our top pick here at Food Box HQ, that doesn’t mean it’s the perfect meal delivery service for everyone. Before making a commitment to a meal delivery service, it’s important to have in mind exactly what you’re looking for. To help you figure out what will work best for you and your needs, here are some important questions to consider.

How Many Meals Do You Need To Eat Per Day?

Each meal delivery service is going to be different in how many meals they provide each week. Some services only provide lunch and dinner a few days a week, while others are able to provide a full day’s worth of meals for every day of the week. Figuring out how many days and meals you want to be covered will help you in your search.

If you don’t want to worry about any of your meals, then BistroMD may be a good choice. With their meal delivery service, there will only be one night where you’ll have to come up with a dinner plan yourself, otherwise, every meal is covered.

What Is Your Sodium Limit?

While all of these services do a good job of keeping each meal low in sodium, it’s important for you to know exactly what your sodium limit is. This will help you when picking your meals so you can choose the meals that will fit within that limit.

If you’re looking to keep your sodium intake as low as possible, then you’ll want to go with a service like Splendid Spoon, where their average sodium per meal is 224 mg.

Are You Willing To Check Each Meal’s Nutritional Label?

If you’re strictly monitoring your sodium intake, but don’t want to have to check each label on your meals, then you’ll want to go with a service that is guaranteed to have low sodium on every meal. Just because there is a low sodium filter on some of these meal services, some meals are still higher in sodium, with amounts going over 600 mg.

Again, Splendid Spoon is another great option to choose if you want to be 100% confident that you won’t have to check the labels on each meal because their meals are very low in sodium. Otherwise, you’ll want to do a quick scan of your meals to make sure their sodium amount fits within your limit.

Are There More Meal Kit Options That Offer Low-Sodium?

You may have noticed that there is only one meal kit service on this list, which is where you get to prepare and cook the food yourself. Surprisingly, many of the meal kit services, such as HelloFresh, Blue Apron, and Dinnerly are fairly high in sodium. And none, beyond Sunbasket, have low-sodium specific meal plans.

Do You Have Any Other Food Allergies?

Because each of these services on this list is accommodating to those who follow a low-sodium diet, they will also offer options for those who have other dietary restrictions. Nonetheless, this is an important question to consider as you decided which would be best for you. For example, if you have celiac disease, then you’ll want a service that is certified gluten-free, such as Epicured.

What is Your Budget?

Budget is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a meal delivery service. As we can see from this list, there are still a number of affordable options that offer high-quality, healthy food. If you’re looking for a meal delivery service that is organic and only uses fresh/local produce, then you might have to be willing to pay a little bit more for that quality. That being said, even those plans are reasonably priced, depending on your budget. Such is the case with Fresh n Lean, it’s not the cheapest plan, but it does offer high-quality and organic meals.

Our Methodology For Selecting The Low-Sodium Meal Delivery Services On This List

While there are other meal delivery services that offer “low-sodium” options, they weren’t nearly as accommodating, convenient, or offer a variety of meals as the other meal plans on this list. That’s why each of these low-sodium services made the list, and they have all been vetted by me and my team. This includes, but is not limited to, purchasing the product, reviewing the service in its entirety, taste tests, and more. If you’re interested in finding out more about our review process, you can check out our article here.

We used the following guidelines to evaluate every low-sodium meal delivery service we researched:

  • The low-sodium meals had to be under 600 mg of sodium.
  • The meal delivery service has to offer a variety of low-sodium meals to choose from.
  • They have to offer high-quality ingredients that meet nutritional needs.
  • The meal delivery service has to be able to ship to every state and town within the contiguous United States.

Have a question about any of the low-sodium meal delivery services in this article? Have you tried a low-sodium meal delivery service before? Let us know in the comments bel