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15 of the Best Vegan Meal Delivery Services Available

15 of the Best Vegan Meal Delivery Services Available

Dan Scalco

When it comes to food, vegans have it tough. It seems like places everywhere take extra steps to cater to the dietary needs of those who are paleo, whole30, or gluten-free, yet finding great vegan meals are a dime a dozen.

Just because you’re vegan doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to eat meals that are both healthy and delicious. But cooking a tasty vegan meal can be a lot of work. You have to figure out what recipes sound good, drive over to the grocery store, hope they have specific vegan ingredients, and then drive home to cook it. Oh, and there’s a good chance that you accidentally buy too much and have leftover ingredients (that may go bag) or the meal turns out to be a dud.

Lucky for you, there are some incredible vegan meal delivery services around that make maintaining a healthy vegan diet fun and interesting. These services don’t serve you the same old boring tofu or vegetable meals that you might be accustomed to. Some of them even deliver you truly gourmet vegan meals. The best part is, they’re all pretty affordable and easy to use!

Let’s “dig in” to the top 15 best plant based meal delivery services on the internet…

1. 22 Days Nutrition

You may have heard of 22 Days Nutrition before. That’s because it has a very famous face endorsing it—Beyonce. She and her trainer, Marco Borges, started this plant based meal delivery service after challenging herself and husband, Jay-Z, to go vegan for 22 days. After the challenge they both ended up becoming full supporters of the vegan diet movement and thus decided to name their company 22 Days Nutrition because they believe all it takes is 22 days to make the full-time switch to a vegan lifestyle.

One of the best things about this service is that the meals are fresh (never frozen) and surprisingly tasty. If you subscribe, there’s a lot of variety in the meals that they send you so you’re not likely to get bored. All of the meals are sent pre-made, so you don’t have to worry about cooking. Just throw it in the microwave and you’re ready to eat! Some meals are even meant to be eaten cold, so you can really save some time with this service.

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2. Veestro

As one of the most well-known vegan meal kit services, Veestro has certainly set the bar high. You start out by selecting which Veestro meal plan you’d like to go with: a la carte, meal packs, weight loss or juice cleanse. From there, you’ll be presented with a list of chef-crafted vegan meals that can be shipped right to your home.

Veestro meals are sent fresh, never frozen, and they’re pre-made. So just pop them in the microwave or oven and they’re ready to be enjoyed.

We ended up liking Veestro a bit more than 22 Days Nutrition only because the taste of the meals and wide variety that you could choose from on their website. Also, on a per-serving basis, Veestro is slightly less expensive than 22 Days Nutrition.

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3. Urban Remedy

Urban Remedy takes plant based meal kits a step further by ensuring that all of the meals they send aren’t only fresh but also certified organic. When it comes to the food they offer, they state “everything heals and nothing harms”. Their current meal plans are very unique. They include the following:

  • Keto Meal Plan
  • Anti-Inflammation Meal Plan
  • Metabolism Meal Plan
  • Metta-Morphosis Program
  • Cindy Crawford’s Essentials
  • Bridal Meal Plan

As you can tell from the names, their plans aren’t the same old vegan meals you might be used to. The only downside is that the meal plans, while very high quality, are somewhat expensive.

4. Purple Carrot

Possibly even more well-known than Veestro is Purple Carrot. Why? They have teamed up with some very big names to get the word out about their service. One of those big names is Tom Brady, who even has his own plant based “Performance Meals”. Unlike the above mentioned meal kits, Purple Carrot only provides you the ingredients and recipes. That means you have to make the actual dish. When compared to Veestro, their meals are slightly more expensive per dish.

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5. Green Chef

Green Chef offers a large selection of different meal plans, one of their most popular being the vegan meal plan. What makes Green Chef a great option is the fact that all of their food is USDA Certified Organic, non-GMO, and completely sustainable. They work directly with farmers to ensure that the their efforts are properly reinvested back into the environment. As of 2019, they have a dedicated vegan meal plan.

Some of their meals will definitely make you do a double-take with how unique they are. For example, they have a very popular Acorn Squash Bolognese made with bean ragú & garlicky crostini which is to die for. Although the meals are delicious, you will have to invest the time in cooking them since Green Chef only sends you vegan ingredients and recipes.

Green Chef is a great meal delivery service in general, regardless of the meal plan you choose. In fact, we rated it one of our overall favorites!

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6. Sakara

If you’re not looking to spend a lot of time cooking a gourmet style vegan meal, Sakara might be your best choice. This ready-to-eat vegan meal delivery service places a strong emphasis on quick and delicious plant based meals. All of their meals are organic, dairy free, gluten free, non-GMO, with zero refined sugars. They even take their meal plans a step further by offering beauty and detox waters, as well as detox teas.

7. Chef’d

*Unfortunately Chef’d has shut down and no longer serves any meals.

Chef’d is probably the most popular meal delivery service you’ve never heard of. They have tons of different meal plans based on diets and partnerships with big brands. One of their popular niche meal plans is their vegan one. They offer anywhere from ten to twenty different meal options each week, all incredibly unique. Chef’d will send you the ingredients and recipes so you’ll have to set aside some time to actually cook it, but based on my personal experience, it’s worth it.

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8. Vegin’ Out

Very popular in California, Vegin’ Out also delivers to the rest of the Unites States as well (minus Alaska and Hawaii). This meal delivery service delivers pre-made vegan meals each week right to your door. Although their current website isn’t as easy to navigate as some of the other “big” meal delivery services out there, they still have a great selection of vegan meals that are worth considering (especially if you live in California).

9. Trifecta Nutrition

Trifecta Nutrition Meals are very well known in the weightlifting and bodybuilding communities because of their Paleo and Clean Eating meal plans. They also offer an impressive vegan meal plan. Their pre-made meals are all USDA Organic, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, and non-GMO. They even work to ensure that the majority of their ingredients are sourced locally. Unlike a lot of other plant based meal delivery services out there that only deliver dinner entrees, Trifecta Nutrition will deliver you meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There’s also no commitment, feel free to skip, cancel, or just try it out one time to see if you like it.

10. The Vegan Garden

Whether you’re looking for a full-scale meal delivery service or you’re just looking to get a “taste” of what it’s like to go vegan, The Vegan Garden has you covered. This meal kit service has both weekly and monthly plans whereby they send you pre-made vegan meals. They also have vegan meal packages for a variety of different goals (e.g. Slim Down Package, Vegan Starter Pack, The Pioneer Meal Deal) as well as custom vegan teas and juices.

11. Thrive Foods Direct

Spun off from the best-selling THRIVE book series by Brendan Brazier, Thrive Foods Direct follows the same plant based diet structure Brazier laid out in his books. All of the meals sent are pre-made and never frozen. Thrive has gained popularity among athletes for providing nutrient-dense vegan meals that also taste really good. They have a variety of different plans — Thrive Basic Meal Plan, Thrive Plus, One Entree Per Day, Two Entrees Per Day, and the Vega Breakfast Smoothie. The one drawback is that it is a bit expensive. For example, the Vega Breakfast Smoothie is $28.99 per day.

12. MamaSezz

If you’re looking to try out going vegan, MamaSezz is a great option. Why? They have a lot of different styles of vegan meal bundles that allow you to see if going vegan works for you. These include a Get Me Started Bundle, Family Bundle, Healthy Senior Bundle, and a Heart Healthy Bundle. They delivery you the ingredients and recipes so you’ll have to spend the time to actually prepare and make the meal.

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13. Hungryroot

Initially, Hungryroot was founded as a purely vegan meal delivery service. And at one point in time, they were one of the biggest meal kits serving only vegans. However, they decided to pivot their service and now offer a range of meal plans but their core is still plant based.

Their vegan meal kit offers some of the most interesting meals we’ve ever tried. Examples: Beet Noodle Smashed Chickpeas, Black Bean Eggplant Hash, and Creamy Corn Cauliflower Risotto.

What makes Hungryroot really stand out is the fact that they are a hybrid between a regular meal kit and a pre-made meal kit. Many of the meals they send you are ready to eat right out of the box with around 5 minutes of preparation.

Another thing we loved about Hungryroot is the fact that they offer more than just vegan dinners. With their delivery service, you can get vegan breakfast, lunch, and even snack options. Our absolute favorite food Hungryroot offers is their Black Bean Brownie Batter. This vegan brownie alternative actually tastes better than the real thing!

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14. Sun Basket

Having exploded in popularity in recent years, Sun Basket may be one of the most recognizable names on this list. You may be surprised to know that they have a vegan meal delivery plan that is also one of the cleanest on this list. That’s because their service, like Green Chef’s, is USDA certified organic.

What we love about Sun Basket is the fact that they prioritize balance in their vegan meals. As mentioned above, it’s important for vegans to make sure they’re getting the right amount of nutrients each day. This is because they aren’t consuming animal proteins and their diets are rather restrictive so they may not be getting the recommended doses of vitamins, proteins, etc. Sun Basket has an in-house dietician that ensures each vegan meal is…

  • Around 550-800 calories per serving
  • Has at least 15 grams protein and 5 grams fiber per serving
  • Is rich in omega-3s and good vegan fats (from olives, nuts, seeds, and avocados)

Some examples of what you may find on their vegan plan are: Southwestern quinoa–black bean tostadasOrganic rainbow Asian salad, and Sweet potato and black bean chili.

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15. Fresh n’ Lean

Fresh n’ Lean is a pre-made meal delivery service that has a surprising amount of food variety. One of their most popular plans is their plant-based one. Unlike a lot of vegan meal delivery services, Fresh n’ Lean also focuses on the health aspect of their meals. Therefore they are all low in carbohydrates (no meals loaded with pasta) and organic. What’s more is they’re the only vegan meal delivery service that has breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options.

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Honorable Mentions

While the above 15 meal services provide great vegan options, maybe you are looking for something a little different (for example, vegan snacks or just produce). Below you will find vegan food boxes that aren’t necessarily vegan “meals” but still fit perfectly into a vegan diet.

Imperfect Produce

One out of five fruits and vegetables that are grown on farms are not sent to grocery stores because they are deemed too ugly to be sold. What’s sad is that there is usually nothing wrong with their taste or the availability of nutrients in them. This means that they often get thrown out or discarded in some other way. Imperfect Produce puts an end to this by buying these so called “ugly” fruits and vegetables so that they can be re-sold at much lower prices (up to 50% cheaper). Not only will Imperfect Produce save you a lot of money if you’re vegan, but you’re also doing the planet a huge service by saving food, water, and CO2 consumption. This is a subscription service so you’ll have the ability to have fruits and veggies sent on a weekly or every other week basis.


If you’re looking for vegan snacks, rather than a full meal, NatureBox is a great option. While they aren’t exclusively a vegan snack delivery service, they do have hundreds of different vegan snack options available for delivery. My personal favorite are the coconut cashews—they’re insanely delicious. NatureBox is a great option for home or work. Some people I know have them delivered right to their office, leave them in the break room, and share different vegan snacks with employees. It also makes for a fun and healthy gift option.


Urthbox is like the BirchBox of healthy snacks. Each month they will send you a snack box based on your preferences. Their options are gluten-free, diet, classic, and vegan. I would say it’s one of the best way to discover new and unique vegan snacks. The best part is you don’t have to take a chance buying a full-size version of a new snack, find out you dislike it, and feel sad because you wasted money. Urthbox sends samples so you can try it and buy what you like on their website (at a discount).

Daily Harvest

One of my personal favorite food subscription services is Daily Harvest. They send subscribers weekly pre-frozen smoothie kits. The selection of smoothies they offer are pretty out of this world. For example, my favorite is their cacao and avocado smoothie. It sounds weird but tastes delicious. That’s half the fun of Daily Harvest—they send healthy smoothie ingredients and recipes that you’d never think of trying on your own.

Green Blender

*Unfortunately Green Blender has shut down their service.

If you’re thinking of going with a smoothie delivery service but you’d rather use fresh fruits over frozen ones, Green Blender might be the best choice. Unlike Daily Harvest, they send fresh fruit along with their recipes. However, like Daily Harvest, they have some really impressive and unique smoothie blends to choose from. For example: Apple Ginger Lemonade, Tomato Pineapple Refresher, and Nectarine Banana.

Benefits of Using a Vegan Meal Delivery Service

Whether you’re already vegan or thinking about making the switch, it can be a little overwhelming when it comes to eliminating animal products from your diet. Not only are you eliminating foods that you’ve become accustomed to eating, but you also have to learn how to substitute for those things so you can ensure you’re getting all the essential nutrients your body needs to function at its best.

That’s why it can be so beneficial to sign up for a vegan meal delivery service. If you’re wondering weather one of the services listed above would work for you, let’s go over the top benefits of joining…

It Gives You the Ability to Stick to a Plant-Based Diet Without Any Guessing

One of the biggest benefits of using a vegan meal delivery service is that all the hassle of meal planning has been taken care of for you. These services help to eliminate the majority of meal planning you have to do every week. Plus, you can cut down on grocery shopping and can spend less time in the kitchen. There won’t be anymore wondering what you should have for dinner because it’s already planned! Nor will you have to guess about what’s in your food because you’ll have full confidence knowing that it’s vegan and fits into your strict diet.

You’ll Know You’re Getting the Right Amount of Nutrients & Protein With Each Meal

One of the trickiest things when becoming vegan is making sure you’re getting the right amount of nutrients with each meal you prepare. It’s very important that you’re still consuming the right amount of protein, vitamins, minerals, etc. And you definitely want to do that without eating the same meals over and over!

If you’re feeling a little stressed and worried about whether or not you’re getting the proper nutrients now that you’ve eliminated animal protein from your diet, a vegan meal delivery service can help. Many of these services work to make sure that the meals are balanced, providing the essentials your body needs to stay happy and healthy.

If You Go With a Meal Kit, You’ll Learn New Vegan Recipes

Sometimes we get comfortable with our weekly meal planning and we find ourselves making the same dishes over and over again. It can get boring! After all, we need a little variety in our lives when it comes to our food.

Using a meal delivery service allows you to get variety since most of these services have a menu that rotates on a weekly basis. You aren’t going to see meals repeating frequently and you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. It gives you the opportunity to try some dishes that you might not have cooked otherwise. For instance, signing up with the Green Chef vegan meal plan allows you to try things like their Mushroom & Veggie Tacos, Moroccan Carrots & Rice, and Quinoa Salad with Candied Nuts — all delicious vegan options!

The best part is that you don’t have to spend hours searching the web each week for recipes that suit your tastes. You merely have to choose a few recipes from the rotating menu and you’re good to go. And once you find favorites, save the recipes so you can prepare them in the future.

It Can Save You Both Time & Money

What are two things most of us want more of? Time and money! The reality is, getting dinner on the table every night can be pretty time-consuming. Not only is there meal planning and grocery shopping, but then you have to prep ingredients and actually cook the meal. With a vegan meal delivery service, you don’t have to spend time choosing which meals you’ll fix each week or spend hours on prep.

You can go with a service like Veestro that sends pre-made meals that need to be heated. Or you can go with a service like Sun Basket that sends fresh ingredients and a recipe, which is still a time saver because the ingredients are pre-portioned and ready to go. Plus, the meals typically take 30-45 minutes to prepare and cook.

In terms of saving money, you’ll be able to cut down on food waste. Many times we have to buy excess of an ingredient for one recipe and what isn’t used often gets thrown out. And sometimes we buy ingredients and forget to use them before they spoil. In the end, you’ll eliminate food waste, thus keeping more cash in your wallet.

What to Consider When Choosing a Vegan Meal Delivery Service

Thinking about trying a vegan meal delivery service, but not sure where to begin? That’s understandable! There are so many meal kit companies on the market today that it can be difficult to choose the one that’s right for you and your lifestyle.

That’s the main reason we put this list together — we wanted to help people make the right decision.

If you’re still having trouble deciding, here are the four key points to keep in mind before your final decision.

Is The Meal Plan 100% Vegan?

The first thing you’ll want to consider when choosing a vegan meal delivery service is whether or not the plan is 100% vegan. Some services don’t offer a vegan plan and instead, customers pick out the vegan meals each week. This doesn’t always guarantee you’ll find vegan meals on the menu, which could lead to skipping weeks when there aren’t appropriate options for you.

You’ll also want to do your research to make sure there aren’t any non-vegan ingredients showing up in meals. For instance, some vegans actually consume honey, while others don’t believe in doing so. Check to make sure absolutely no animal products are being used in the meals by reading about the company’s practices and checking the ingredients list on the meals they offer.

Lucky for you, we’ve narrowed down the meal kits above to only ones that are 100% vegan. However, if you choose to go with a meal delivery service not on this list, be sure they offer 100% vegan plans.

Are the Meals Pre-Made or Do They Send Ingredients to Make the Meal?

There are two types of meal kit services you can sign-up for. Some companies provide pre-made meals that have been freshly prepared in their kitchen and speedily shipped to your door. These meals simply need to be heated in the microwave or the oven, which means they can be ready in a matter of minutes.

Then, there are services that send you pre-portioned ingredients and recipes to follow. Using this kind of service will require more of a time commitment from you since you’ll have to prepare the meals yourself. However, if you’re someone who loves to cook or wants to gain more experience in the kitchen, this is a fantastic option to consider.

So, what works best for you? Do you want meals that can be ready in minutes? Or are you ready to get in the kitchen and spend some time at the stove? It all comes down to personal preference.

Where Do They Source Their Ingredients?

Another key element to consider is where the vegan meal delivery service sources their ingredients from. Many vegans only eat organic foods. Thus, it only makes sense that you would expect the same quality out of the meal delivery service you choose to sign up for.

Many of the vegan meal delivery services mentioned above use organic ingredients. For example, Sun Basket and Green Chef are USDA certified organic.

Do some research and figure out where they get ingredients for their meals. Are they all organic or only somewhat organic? Are ingredients sourced from local farmers that have sustainable practices? Feel free to view our vegan reviews section where we go in-depth on each of these meal box services.

How Many Meals Will You Receive?

Lastly, you’ll want to consider how many meals you’ll receive each week and if it’s going to work for your lifestyle. Many services, such as Green Chef, only provide dishes for dinner. For some, this is perfect because it allows them to still plan and create the own meals while using a meal delivery service for convenience, to “fill in the gaps”.

However, others want to eliminate meal planning and prep altogether. They don’t just want to receive dinners. They want options for breakfast and lunch as well. And sometimes even snacks! Luckily, there are services out there that do just that.

For example, Veestro is a vegan meal delivery service that allows you to order 10, 20, or even 30 meals at a time. This is perfect for big families or even offices that are vegan. They have options for your busy mornings like an Oatmeal Breakfast Pie or their Breakfast Burrito. But you also have plenty of entrees and even juices that you can order as well.

Think about how many meals you’d like to receive each week and if you’re fine with just getting dinners or if you want something more. There are plenty of options to make this work for you.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a long-time vegan or looking to get into plant based lifestyle, meal delivery services are a great option. They give you the freedom to try unique, fun, and tasty meals without breaking the bank. They also free up a lot of your time (especially if you go with a pre-made meal service).

If you have any questions regarding plant based meal delivery, please leave a comment below and we’ll answer it as soon as possible!

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  • Thank you for this well done, put together review of all the services out there. This gives me one of the best stepping stones to explore a couple of options to try out.
    Although, another one of my main concerns is the sustainability and the ability to easily recycle the packaging. Now that China is no longer accepting our recycling, I’m eagerly seeking out companies who provide containers that they either take back or can be repurposed. Any insights on that front would be another encouragement.
    Again, many thanks for your dedicated research. Hoping it was as much fun and as tasty as it all looked!

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