7 Best Smoothie Delivery Services

Smoothies are one of the best (and most delicious) ways to get all of your necessary daily vitamins, minerals, and fiber in one simple drink. However, making a smoothie can be a pain… You have to buy all the right ingredients, know which fruits and vegetables go together, and mix them up. If you accidentally put two fruits or vegetables in your smoothie that don’t go together, it could end up making it taste pretty awful. Then you just wasted good fruit, vegetables, and money.

Lucky for you, we now live in a world where you can get smoothies delivered to your door in no time!

Why choose a smoothie kit delivery? It will save you tons of time. Instead of having to buy a bunch of fruit and vegetables at the grocery store and cross your fingers that they all don’t go bad before you make your delicious drink, you can get a smoothie subscription box instead.

Below you’ll find the top seven smoothy subscription boxes available…

1. Daily Harvest


It’s no secret that we love Daily Harvest here at Food Box HQ. Ordering from them is a breeze. In a few clicks they matched me to a bunch of smoothies based on my personal taste. And few days later, they were on my doorstep. Since their smoothies are cups filled with frozen/fresh fruits and veggies, you literally just have to throw them in a blender for thirty seconds and you’re good to start sipping. One of my favorite things about Daily Harvest is the variety of smoothies they have. I used to just drink banana, strawberry, and blueberry smoothies but Daily Harvest completely opened my eyes to what other possibilities are out there. For example, I tried their Cacao and Avocado smoothie in my first box. Sounds like a pretty weird combination, right? That’s what I thought until I tried it. Only one word can properly describe its taste: “YUM!” And that’s just one of their smoothies. You should check out some of the other ones on their website.

View Daily Harvest Smoothies

2. Green Blender


Alongside Daily Harvest, Green Blender is another very popular smoothie ingredient delivery service. However, Daily Harvest and Green Blender differ in one specific way. Daily Harvest freezes the fruits and vegetables they send you while Green Blender doesn’t. While freezing the ingredients will allow them to stay fresher for longer (without preservatives) some people prefer their smoothie ingredients to be unfrozen. Like Daily Harvest, Green Blender has a ton of variety when it comes to smoothie recipes. Some of their concoctions sound crazy but taste delicious — Creamy Carrot Pineapple, Acai Almond, Cucumber Limeade. Who comes up with these?

View Green Blender Smoothies

3. Goodie

Not as popular as Daily Harvest or Green Blender, Goodie still delivers high quality smoothie ingredients. They source all of their fruit and veggies from local farms and ensure that everything is organic. The variety of smoothies that they offer isn’t as extensive as Daily Harvest or Green Blender but it’s still impressive nonetheless. Instead of getting prepped smoothies waiting to be blended, Goodie sends you a box of fruit and vegetables based on your personal preferences. They have an Energy Box, Leaner and Cleaner Box, and Muscle Builder Box. Like Green Blender, the ingredients are not frozen. One thing I really like about Goodie is that for every box they send out, they donate a meal to the LA Food Bank charity. Now you can eat healthy while knowing you’ve helped someone in need.

View Goodie Smoothies

4. Root Blends

Root Blends offers a smoothie subscription service much like Daily Harvest. They send you frozen smoothie ingredients in a pouch that can be poured right into a blender, blended, and drank. Their smoothies come in six different categories — energy, weight loss, detox, athlete, skin, and baby. They don’t have as much of a variety as Daily Harvest or Green Blender but the smoothies do offer are quite delicious.

View Root Blends Smoothies

5. Terra’s Kitchen

Known for their amazing meal kits, most people don’t know that you can also order smoothies from Terra’s Kitchen. When you order meals from them, they will give you the option to add smoothies to your delivery before checking out. Their smoothie options are always changing so if you already use Terra’s Kitchen or are planning on trying them, their smoothies are definitely worth a shot.

View Terra’s Kitchen Smoothies

6. SmartFruit


A little different from the other smoothie delivery services we mention, SmartFruit does not deliver you pre-packaged smoothie ingredients. They actually deliver you a pre-blended smoothie. Their focus is creating smoothies that don’t just taste good but also pack as many super-foods as possible. And although they are not a smoothie subscription service, you can still order their smoothies online.

View SmartFruit Smoothies

7. 1915 Organic

Pears well with everything 😉. Thanks for the 📷 @alysssaeats. ⠀

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Can’t decide between a smoothie or a juice? 1915 Organic offers both. Like SmartFruit, 1915 Organic pre-blends both their juices and smoothies so you don’t have to worry about blending or cleaning up. Their selection isn’t as big as Daily Harvest or Green Blender but the ones they do have are really interesting flavors. Take for example their pear, coconut water, mango, spinach, banana, and lime smoothie. Sounds crazy but its packed to the brim with vitamins and nutrients.

View 1915 Organic Smoothies

8. Door to Door Organics

*Unfortunately, Door to Door Organics has shut down.

Maybe you don’t want to let someone else choose your smoothie recipe and you’d rather create your own. In that case, Door to Door Organics is perfect for you. They aren’t a traditional smoothie delivery service but rather a fruit delivery service that allows you to choose which fruits you want delivered. That means you can buy as much fruit as needed for your smoothies with a few clicks, rather than having to drive to the grocery store, pick out fruit, make sure its ripe, pay for it, and drive all the way home. Door to Door Organics just shows up on your doorstep!

View Door to Door Organic Fruit

If you’ve tried any of these smoothie delivery boxes or you’ve found one we didn’t include, please leave a comment below letting me know!

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  • I got Daily Harvest as a gift from my roommate for my birthday. It’s actually pretty good. The box I got had a bunch of weird names that actually tasted great. Ended up signing up myself after I used all the smoothies they sent me.

  • Can you please compare Daily Harvest and Green Blender? I need to start making healthier breakfast decisions and I’ve been trying to figure out which one is best for me. They both seem very similar. I like that Daily Harvest has variety but I also like that Green Blender ingredients aren’t frozen. But frozen ingredients means they last longer. UGH!! I can’t make up my mind.

  • JUST signed up with Greenblender two weeks ago, and today got an e-mail they want to take a “few months hiatus”. Very disappointing.

    • Ah, so sorry to hear! Looks like they’re taking a break for some reason. Check out Daily Harvest — it’s a favorite of mine.