Below you’ll find answers to the most commonly asked questions we receive regarding Sun Basket

How is Sun Basket customer service?

We’ve only interacted with their customer service team once to confirm that we could pause our meals when we went on vacation. They responded pretty quickly (within a day). They were also nice about everything too — it wasn’t just a generic response.

Is it simple to cancel my Sun Basket subscription?

Yes, canceling your subscription is simple. There are a few different ways to cancel. You can do it via the admin panel, call them to let them know you don’t want to continue your subscription, or even just email them with your information. If you don’t want to cancel, they making skipping certain weeks very simple too — it’s just one click in your Sun Basket account page.

Is there a map available that shows where they deliver?

Since they’re constantly updating their availability nationwide, they created this handy page where you can input your zip code and it’ll let you know if they can deliver, what delivery company will be handling your package, and what day it’ll show up.

What special diets do they accommodate?

Sun Basket currently accommodates gluten-free, low carb, low calorie, paleo, and Whole30 (with some exceptions).

Can I order Sun Basket gift cards?

Sun Basket does not currently offer gift cards like some other meal delivery services do. If you’d like to give it as a gift, consider sending a few months worth of meals to the recipient and canceling whenever you’d like. This might not be the “best” option but it should work.

Are all Sun Basket ingredients USDA organic?

Yes, most of their ingredients are certified USDA organic.

Who started Sun Basket?

Sun Basket was created by chef Justine Kelly and tech entrepreneur Adam Zbar. They joined forced in 2014 to create a healthier option in the meal delivery industry that also appealed to a wider audience.

Is the packaging recyclable?

Yes, their packaging is recyclable and it is also one of the most environmentally friendly that we’ve seen to date.

How long does it take for my box to arrive?

This really depends on where you live and when you choose to have your meals delivered. Most boxes are only in transit for about a day. This ensures that the food stays as fresh as possible by not sitting around in a truck too long.

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