Welcome to our Start-Up Stories series, where we delve into the stories of pioneering entrepreneurs who are revolutionizing the meal delivery industry. Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to David Rabie, founder of Tovala, a company that has taken the concept of meal prep and delivery to a new frontier.

Starting with a simple need for efficiency in his graduate student kitchen, David embarked on an extraordinary journey, culminating in a smart oven and meal delivery service that work seamlessly together. What began as an idea to automate multiple cooking processes has evolved into an end-to-end solution involving innovative recipes, in-house food production, a specialized countertop oven, and seamless software integration. The aim? To make healthy and delicious cooking convenient and pleasurable for all.

Join us as we explore the genesis, growth, and genius behind Tovala and its commitment to delivering a harmonious culinary experience right to your kitchen.

What inspired you to start Tovala? Was there a specific moment or experience that led you to the idea of creating a smart oven and meal delivery service?

I’ve always been passionate about health and wellness and dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur. Initially, I didn’t have a specific idea for my company, but I knew I wanted it to be in the food space with a touch of technology. The breakthrough came during my busy graduate student days when I found myself spending hours cooking different ingredients separately using multiple appliances.

It hit me that there should be a way to automate this process, so I started envisioning a machine that could handle the various cooking requirements, saving me time and effort. As I discussed the idea with others, I realized the problem was more extensive than just cooking; it encompassed planning, shopping, preparation, cooking, and cleaning.

To address the entire experience, I decided to build an end-to-end solution. This involved developing recipes, producing food in our own facilities, designing a specialized countertop oven, and connecting everything through software. The goal was to make healthy cooking easier and more efficient for everyone.

It seems like you must be a logistics genius to have all those pieces working together.

Tovala Cooking Meals
Tovala Cooking Meals

I must admit I’m not great at most things, but one area where I excel is hiring talented individuals. Building a robust operations team has been a key focus for us, given the complexity of our business.

Our company requires seamless coordination among various moving parts to deliver on our promises to customers. Our ultimate goal is to make it effortless for customers to enjoy their meals. Imagine scanning a QR code, and within just 15 minutes, their food is cooked to perfection. That’s the experience we strive to provide.

Can you walk us through the early stages of Tovala’s development? What were the biggest challenges you faced early on as a founder?

Undoubtedly, like any startup, we encountered numerous roadblocks on our path to growth. Early on, a major challenge was overcoming skepticism about the complexity of our business model.

Raising capital during the initial stages and building our team and products proved to be very difficult. As we validated our model, securing funding became somewhat easier, but external factors like macro events (such as the early days of the pandemic and the collapse of SVB) also impacted our journey.

Despite these challenges, we persevered and developed resilience as a company. We faced issues like slower growth and customer dissatisfaction, but we tackled them creatively and found innovative solutions along the way. Over the years, these experiences have shaped the character of our company’s culture.

You’ve mentioned in other interviews that the early prototype of Tovala’s oven was cobbled together using existing appliances. Can you share a specific “Eureka” moment or pivotal test where you knew you were onto something truly innovative and game-changing?

Gen One Tovala
Gen One Tovala

There were several defining moments that stand out in our journey. One early instance was when we created a prototype and prepared a Chicken Ratatouille for our team. The chicken came out perfectly juicy with crispy skin, and the entire dish was cooked to perfection. It sparked the idea of simplifying the cooking process for customers with a simple QR code.

During our early beta testing, despite the products being in an early stage with some issues, there was something magical about delivering fresh, pre-composed meals to customers. They could scan the code and enjoy delicious, hot food, creating a delightful experience.

The most significant moment was our official launch when customers from across the country received our meals. They reached out, expressing their amazement at the quality and ease of cooking. This positive feedback reassured us that we were on the right path.Your

Kickstarter campaign was remarkably successful, raising over $250k on a $100k goal. What strategies did you employ to create such momentum and attract backers to support your vision?

When we prepared for our Kickstarter campaign, we learned from successful companies’ experiences and realized that building a great product alone wouldn’t guarantee success. So, we focused on three core elements to make our campaign stand out.

Firstly, we understood the importance of guerrilla marketing and beta testing. We organized demonstrations to get early beta units in front of potential customers, believing that the product would speak for itself once people tried it.

Secondly, we reached out to our network of friends, family, and connections, rallying support and spreading the word about our campaign. Despite being a small team, we put in the effort to personally message people and ask for their support.

Lastly, we pursued press coverage to create buzz around our product. Despite limited funding, we leveraged our network to secure introductions to tech and consumer publications. We flew to New York and personally demonstrated the prototype oven to journalists, resulting in positive articles that coincided with the Kickstarter launch.

The combination of these efforts, along with having an appealing and on-trend product, led to a successful first day of the Kickstarter campaign.

I saw that early on, the name for your company was “Maestro.” Why did you decide to rebrand from Maestro to Tovala?

Early Tovala Meals
Early Tovala Meals

Initially, we were very fond of the name “Maestro,” and it still serves as our corporate entity. However, it was already trademarked within our category. So, before officially establishing ourselves as a real business, we had to make the difficult decision to change the name.

The genesis of the “Maestro” name came from the idea of a conductor orchestrating various elements into a harmonious piece of music. We envisioned our role in a similar way, coordinating everything seamlessly for our customers. While we had to let go of the name, the spirit of bringing harmony to the cooking experience remains at the core of our company.

Developing recipes that work seamlessly with the Tovala oven’s capabilities must be a unique challenge. Could you share some insights into your recipe development process and how you optimize each meal for the best cooking results?

You’re absolutely right; our journey has been quite complex. Over the years, we’ve developed a well-structured and process-driven approach to our operations. In the early days, our focus was on mastering the art of cooking center-of-the-plate proteins, such as chicken breast, salmon fillets, and pork chops, to perfection in our precision-controlled ovens.

We understood the importance of providing complete meals that come out of the oven at the same time. This required careful consideration of cooking times for various ingredients, like potatoes and salmon, which have different cooking durations. Our chefs used clever techniques, such as par-cooking and strategic cutting, to ensure everything cooked harmoniously.

As we progressed over six years, we evolved into a more intricate and comprehensive process. Customer insights, seasonal trends, and market preferences now play a significant role in designing our menus. We aim for a balance of new and returning dishes, considering ratings, order rates, dietary preferences, cuisines, and prices.

The process also involves financial considerations and scalability. We meticulously plan how to translate recipes from a test kitchen to large-scale production facilities to meet the demands of thousands of meals.

Through continuous learning and adaptation, we’ve built a robust system to deliver delicious and satisfying meals to our customers. It’s been an incredible journey filled with growth and overcoming challenges.

Do you have any specific favorite Tovala meals?

Tovala Sweet Tamari-Glazed Shrimp Bowl
Tovala Sweet Tamari-Glazed Shrimp Bowl

That’s like picking a favorite child! Lately, I’ve been enjoying our shrimp noodle dishes; they are incredibly tasty and satisfying. For lunch today, I had one of those, and it was delightful. The combination of succulent shrimp, fresh vegetables, and flavorful sauces, like curry or spicy Thai, make them nutritionally balanced and a perfect choice.

Another favorite of mine is our chicken breasts paired with refreshing salad sides for a satisfying lunch. The flavors are amazing.

Moreover, I’ve been appreciating trout as a protein choice due to its rich and flavorful taste. With so many enticing options on the menu, there’s always something new to explore and enjoy.

In the rapidly evolving food-tech industry, we’ve now seen more smart ovens enter the market. What differentiates Tovala from other similar companies, and how do you stay ahead in the market?

That’s a great question, and the key differentiator for us is how we view Tovala as a complete system, not just an oven or a meal service or an app, but an integrated whole system. From the very beginning, we’ve built our company and technology around this concept, ensuring that everything is tightly connected.

Our approach is distinct from companies that merely sell ovens or food independently. Instead, we offer a comprehensive solution where the oven, the meal service, and the app work harmoniously as one. This unique integration sets us apart from other meal companies and smart appliance manufacturers.

The way we’ve developed our business, the specialized talents we’ve brought in, and our core competencies are all tailored to this holistic system. This distinctive approach not only defines our business model but also allows us to deliver an exceptional end product to our customers.

Wrapping up, what’s next for Tovala? Can you share any upcoming features or projects?

We have some really exciting news to share soon. We have a fantastic food partnership in the works that we are thrilled about. While I can’t divulge the specifics just yet, we are cautiously optimistic that it will be ready for our customers in the next four to six weeks.

Both our team and our partners are eagerly looking forward to this collaboration. We hope it will be the start of many more exciting partnerships to come. So, stay tuned for the big reveal!

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